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1. I am unable to initiate money transfer to third party.

Make sure that:

- your account balance covers the amount for the transfer. Please note that there migh be single pending payments which have not been yet processed;

- The payment is within agreed limits, which are described on the registration form for the service and which are common to all types of transactions, incl. those between own accounts and utility payments;

- you have the necessary means of identification, which allows you to initiate transfers to third parties. To get such and learn about different options please visit your personal bank advisor or the nearest bank office. Call 0800 18 888 and our Contact Centre will book an appointment for you.

2. I am unable to select an account in order to initiate a bank transfer/utility payment.
This option has not been activated for your registered accounts or your access to them is for information only. To activate this option, and get information how to perform transfers to third parties please visit your personal bank advisor or the nearest bank office. Call 0800 18 888 and our Contact Centre will book an appointment for you.
3. I am unable to access the service.

The most common reasons for lack of access are:

- Invalid username or password - check whether the username you enter refers to the username from the registration form ("Data Access"). If the username is correct, make sure you use the correct keyboard layout (Latin, Phonetic, BDS).

- Access is blocked - you have eight attempts to try to access your account. In case of failure your access to the service is blocked. It is necessary to visit a bank office where you will receive new username and password. After first login you can change them;

- You have not registered for the service - You can activate your internet banking by visiting a bank office where you will receive valid username and password. Call 0800 18 888 and our Contact Centre will book an appointment for you.

- Your credentials (username and password) are valid however you still see "error" message - call us at 0800 18 888 and our specialists will assist you;

- The version of your internet browser is old or unsupported. We recommend any of the following:

* Internet Explorer 7 +

* Chrome 12 +

* Mozila Firefox 4.5+

* Safari and Opera - new versions

You may access the service through iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android, Symbian (for Symbian we recommend Opera)

4. What does the message "the payment exceeds the limit of the document" mean?
BankOn Web allows you to perform different operations within an agreed limit - written in your registration form. This limit is applied for all payments (own accounts incl). Your last payment exceeds this predetermined limit and the system rejects it. If you think you need a higher limit please visit your personal bank advisor or the nearest bank office. Call 0800 18 888 and our Contact Centre will book an appointment for you.
5. How to pay my bills? I enter my subscription number however an "error" message is displayed instead.
You can get additional information about the data necessary for registration from the icon

which is displayed on the right of the subscription number field. In case that an "error" message is displayed during the verification process, possible reason may be that there is still no pending payment on your subscription number or you are out of time for payment. Proceed with registration or contact us at 0800 18 888 for assistance.
6. I have a preferential exchange rate agreed with you. May I use it in BankOn Web?
With BankOn Web, you can make transfers between your own accounts or to third parties only on the announced exchange rate of the bank for the day which you may see directly from the system. Operations with individually agreed exchange rate can be performed only in a bank office.
7. Where I can find more information about the changes in the new version of the service?
Detailed information about BankOn Web new functionalities is available in the Help section (copy in your browser the following link: All legal changes related to the service are mentioned in the General terms and conditions available on the Bank official web-site: or copy in your browser the following link:
8. Do I need to confirm every transaction separately (with a different code)?

For your convenience, you can confirm multiple transfers with a single code!

To do so please follow the bellow steps:

1. Fill in and only Save the orders without confirming them;

2. From menu "Pending", select (check) the orders you would like to confirm;

3. Confirm orders.

It is an one-time code and can not be re-used!

9. What is the validity of the code to confirm transaction?

- mTAN (SMS) code - 15 minutes after confirming the transaction(s);

- code generated by a token device - 30 seconds after confirming the transaction(s);

- QES (qualified electronic signature) - simply press "Confirm".

10. How many transactions I could confirm with one code?
There are no limitation in the number of transactions which may be confirmed at once with one single code.
11. Why in the body of the SMS message I received with the mTAN code, the account and the amount are also mentioned?

The format of the messages you receive via SMS is <SGEB>12345678 * 1000000001 123.45 and is described in details in the user manual "Additional security devices" in the Help section. The SMS code (mTAN), you need to confirm the transfer is 8-digits number after <SGEB>.

This way of presenting and transmitting of the information has the following advantages for you:

+ Convenience - you know exactly which orders will be confirmed with this code (you have them in one place on the phone);

+ Higher level of protection for you as it is not mentioned in the SMS that this is a confirmation code.

12. I am unable to change my password?

Given the wide range of services you can use in BankOn Web, please follow these requirements when creating your password. This is for your protection!

- 8 characters minimum;

- include characters from each of the four categories: capital letters (AZ), lowercase letter (az), numbers (0-9) and special characters (these are all keyboard characters except for numbers and letters (! @ # $% ^ & * ()-_ = +., / \, etc.)

Tip: Avoid typing consecutive letters on the keyboard - for example Asdfgh, and your birth date or your loved ones. Instead, split phrases, words, combinations that are known only to you. For example: MyNameIs1>

13. How to make a money transfer?

Detailed instructions on creating transfers - between own accounts, budget payments, utility payments, etc. can be found in the Help section.

Important! If you are currently using the service only for information (no transfers) and you want to change it so that you will be able to perform transfers please visit your personal bank advisor or the nearest bank office where you can enable this option and get more information. Call 0800 18 888 and our Contact Centre will book an appointment for you.

14. How and when I will receive a confirmation for the QES I have uploaded?

A confirmation for the validity of your QES will be sent to you by the Bank via "My Account / Certificates" section. For this purpose it is necessary before uploading your certificate for approval, to inform you bank advisor in personal or visit the nearest bank office.

In case you have signed an agreement for the use of QES and your QES is uploaded in section "My Account / Certificates" however you still have not received confirmation by the Bank, please contact your personal bank advisor.

15. I have opened an account today. When I will be able to see it in the BOW?
Depending on the access rights you have defined for this account, it should be visible in BOW in the beginning of the next day at latest.

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